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A Few Words on Gems by Sudarshannathji

Spirituality has a responsibility to spread light. It has to give meaning, to transfer the torch of knowledge, to let one be enlightened, and illuminate one’s mind. Life as soon as it occurs needs light. It needs light in various forms. This is the duty of many gems in our world, those who are the best of their field; politicians, actors, scientists, technicians, intellectuals all are spreading the illumination of knowledge. Generally the country that has abundance of electrical energy is considered a developed one. Wherever the myriad nuances of light are fathomed that county is superpower.

Self lit gems can not ever be ignored as they provide with illumination to the mind and psyche. We do not do business of gems neither we recommend gems to anyone nor we shall ever. We do not mean to scare people with gems, and we do not name any piece of gem as inauspicious. We will never rate a gem as invaluable or inferior. We do not even believe in the so called definition of 9 gems (Nav Ratna). We do not endorse rampant commercialism and we do not concentrate on money-making tricks to dupe people. We also disapprove the claims of link between astrology and gems. The booklets for gems are published in 2 volumes.

First time it has so happened that 2 booklets are published for one topic. The third one was in the making and we could have published it; nevertheless. Do we describe these 2 volumes as dedicated Tara Mahavidhya? Or do we dedicate it to description and narrative sketch of Manidweep? As its reality these are related to Kali Kul and Shree Kul (Kali and Shree Origin). When a sadhak meditates, he gets glimpse of many types eyes and also myriad gems. Gems aid achieve meditative state. A Maha Ratna Mala is the one that incorporates gems of most types. When a sadhak attempts meditation wearing it, the quality of meditation is high as quality of light of gems.

The science is advancing rapidly and who knows someday we may procure and wear gems from Moon, Saturn, Mars or from different galaxy!

Only Bhagawati Tripur Sundari truly comprehends the wonders of these gems.

Gems are beyond trade and petty issues. Selling / pricing and loss / gain are not of significance in matters of gems. We believe that gems are the shreds of divine halo of Bhagwati Tripur Sundari.

The narration that follows is for disciples and class of sadhaks and not for traders and astrologers; they are well aware of their deeds and karma.

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